The health and safety of Maderra’s employees is our top priority. Maderra has developed its Health & Safety Management Systems in compliance with the requirements of the Certificate of Recognition (COR), an Occupational Health & Safety accreditation that verifies a fully implemented program which meets national standards and health & safety regulation requirements.

Maderra is also committed to conducting its activities in an environmentally responsible manner.

The various elements of Maderra’s HSEQ programs are found in our Health & Safety Manual and Quality Manual. These documents establish the minimum Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality expectations for all Maderra employees and includes a wide range of policies, procedures, guidelines, and work practices designed to safeguard and protect Maderra’s people, assets, and the environment.

Maderra has a H&S Policy that provides a statement of our commitment and responsibilities related to the Health and Safety of our employees, contractors, and clients. This Policy has been reviewed and endorsed by Senior management.


Maderra is registered, and in good standing, with the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program.


Maderra is also registered with ISNetworld. ISNetworld facilitates contractor management for its clients, ensuring that the supplier management processes are met and streamlined including contractor safety and risk management.


Maderra is strongly dedicated to meeting the requirements and expectations of its clients for all provided services. The various elements of Maderra’s Quality program are found in our Quality Manual.  This document provides an overview of the minimum Quality expectations for all Maderra personnel. Maderra also has a wide range of Quality related policies, procedures, guidelines, and work practices that help guide our work.